Friday, May 25, 2012

The Work of Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier - Self Portrait
A few weeks ago Charley and I attend a taping of This American  Life beamed live into our local movie theater. It was fantastic! It included all the wonderful elements you usually get on the radio show, plus dynamite visual elements like dance and film. The show was great from start to finish, but if I had to pick a favorite part it would have to be the segment about Vivian Maier, who, until that evening I'd never heard of. I find her photography and her story fascinating. 

Vivian Maier may be one of the greatest street photographers of the twentieth century, but until recently her work and talent were undiscovered.  She spent most of her life working as a nanny for several families in the Chicago area. She was a loner and a hoarder who was known to speak her mind. In her free time she strolled the streets, snapping  thousands of photos with her Rolleiflex—photos that she never shared with anyone. No one saw the beautiful, haunting images she captured until 2007, when over 100,000 of her negatives were discovered in a storage locker auction. 

Here are some of her amazing photos: 

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