Friday, February 10, 2012

Dear God, I’d like a New Body. The One You Gave Me is a Lemon

Seriously. My body is a broke down lemon. I’d like to trade it in...

I have a very strong immune system. I hardly ever get a cold or the flu. But every other system is bunk and it seems like one thing after another is breaking down

First, I suffered with undiagnosed Endometriosis for 7 years. By the time I was diagnosed, I had a large endometrioma (tumor) on my ovary.  That diagnosis lead to the discovery that I had a bifurcated uterus. Result: Surgery

Next, my gallbladder went kaput. For 6 month I was horribly sick and unable to eat – I lost almost 15 pounds. Result: Surgery

Now, my brain is broken. For the last few months I’ve been have terrible and frequent migraine headaches. It had escalated to the point that I was having some amount of head pain about 75% of the time – so I went to the doctor. She diagnosed me with hormone related migraines, but sent me for an MRI to rule out tumors, MS, and aneurysms. Unfortunately, one of those things was not ruled out.

I have two small aneurysms in my brain. Apparently, they are very small so they are not likely to require any radical treatment, like brain surgery. But it’s still very freaky – that’s my brain! My doctor referred me to a neurosurgeon, so I’ll know more after I see him. For now I just have to stay calm and not run a marathon – or participate in a weight lifting competition. Oh well. 

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