Saturday, December 17, 2011

Handmade Christmas

This year I wanted to do something special for our Christmas decoration. When I was a kid, crafts were always part of the holidays. We made ornaments out of clay, crocheted snowflakes, and made angels to put on top of the tree. This year I decided to continue this tradition and make as many decorations as I could. With a little inspiration from HGTV and I completed three projects.

Christmas Ball Wreath
I found a large wreath form in the back of the storage room that is under our stairs that must have been left behind by the previous owners. So, I thought, instead of buying a wreath for over the fireplace, I should make one. I purchased inexpensive plastic ornaments from Target and wired each into place. The end result is lovely.

Book Trees and Glitter Deer
Inspired by a Martha Stewart project I found on Pinterest, I made some glitter deer. I found some great vintage plastic deer on Etsy and covered them in bronze glitter (Martha Stewart glitter of course).

My little glitter deer needed a habitat, so I made them some pine trees. Inspired by a Christmas special I saw on HGTV, I made the trees from old books I picked up at the thrift store and Styrofoam cones from the craft store.

Together with the glitter deer, the book trees make a lovely vignette for the top for the wood burning stove.

Winter Diorama Centerpiece   
The blog The Tortoise and the Hare originally inspired this project (I found this on Pinterest too), but I really wanted to do something more with it. So, I created a diorama in a glass cake stand I never use. I purchased small sisal Christmas trees and bleached them to create a vintage effect. Then I covered them in flocking and iridescent glitter. I placed them in a winter landscape I created with white glitter craft felt, fake snow (the kind used in the little Christmas villages) and more glitter. The finishing touch was tiny glitter deer. I found these tiny little deer on Etsy too and I covered them in a silvery teal glitter.


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