Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hot Dog Pilgrimage

I’ve always had a weakness for junk-food, and hot dogs are a particular favorite. So, when I heard about a popular hot dog joint in Provo, my interest was piqued. Could a hot dog really be worth the 40 minute drive into the heart of Happy Valley? In the 18 or so years I’ve lived in Utah I’ve only been to Provo a few times, and it’s always seemed to be a strange and foreign place to me...a place where everyone is blond, where everyone is friendly, and where there are dress codes for nightclubs. And with all the construction on the I-15, could a hot dog be worth the trip? Yesterday I decided I had to find out.

J Dawgs has been a fixture in Provo since it open in 2004 in a tiny little shack adjacent to the BYU campus. Since then they’ve had to move into a larger location (just across the parking lot) to accommodate their growing crowd of customers.

As a hot dog lover, I had to know what all the fuss was about, so yesterday, I met my friend Denise (who live in Provo) for lunch......and it was worth the trek. It may have been the most delicious hot dog I’ve every had. At J Dawgs they keep it simple. None of those gourmet dogs with fancy toppings. Just a choice between a polish dog and an all beef dog, and your basic toppings. But these dogs are so good, they speak for themselves...even with no toppings. Look at the beautiful meat...

This place is good...real good. (There was a line out the door the whole time we were there.) I would definitely recommend it. My only complaint was the special sauce, which was basically just a sweet BBQ sauce. It was delicious, but not on the dog.

P.S. It turns out Provo is a pretty nice town. I like it there.

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