Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm an Urban Farmer!

Last weekend after weeks of unseasonably cool weather and rain, Charley and I finally got my tomatoes planted. For the last few weeks, between rainstorms, Charley has been working on building me this amazing raised garden bed (he calls it the Taj Johannal):

As you can see, it’s gorgeous…constructed of redwood and complete with surrounding brick patio (which isn’t quite done yet, but it's pretty close). Last weekend I helped him lay some of the bricks and install a drip irrigation system before planting the leggy, gangly tomato plants I’ve been attempting to keep alive indoors. We don’t get very much direct sunlight in our house so it’s been a challenge keeping them healthy…only time will tell if being outside will improve there condition. But there’s always tomato plants at Home Depot, so they’re easily replace, I suppose.

I also planted zucchini, patty pan squash and beet seeds. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the squash plants mature in time to harvest before the first frost.

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