Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holiday Painting Exchange

Last weekend Charley and I hosted the first annual Holiday Painting Exchange of Secret Society of Utah Artists (name pending). The group was organized by Charley as a way to share work with each other. Here’s how it works. Every year, each of the 8 artists involved will draw the name of one of the other artist and paint them a painting. The painting should reference the artist it’s being painted for in some way – their work, their personality, or whatever. Then artists and spouses get together to exchange the painting and for some merriment. After 8 years each artist will have a complete collection of each other work.

The inaugural year was a great success. I prepared a wonderful meal of ham and other treats…and much merriment was had! It was a great thrill to have a house full of amazing art and artist.

The artists:
The art:
The spread:


  1. Totally cool! Which painting did you guys get? Wonderful idea, and nice eats! Well done.

  2. PS I LOVE that mirror on your wall! I saw one like it and almost got it, but it was bigger, and a little too much. The one you have is perfect! Curious to know where you found it.

  3. Vickey -- Here is a link to the mirror http://www.westelm.com/products/sunburst-wire-wall-art-a020/?pkey=cframes-wall-art
    I got it at West Elm.

    Unfortunately, the paint Charley received was a dud. It's not good...there are no words. We're pretty sure the artist just used an old unsellable one instead of painting a new one.