Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beans Gets a New Sweater

Little Beans has been working hard at potty training, but has found it difficult because of the cold weather we've been having. She starts shivering as soon as we take her outside and tries to run back inside before the desired task is completed. So, we thought we should buy her as sweater. After a lot of searching and debating with Charley,I found a sweater that we both like and was small enough for her. But the results were not what we expected.

Beans in her new sweater (note the sad look):

Beans attempting to escape from her new sweater:

About one minute after this picture was taken, Beans disappeared into the living room and return without the sweater on. I tried to put it on her several more time that evening but each time she was able to get out of it...Oh well, it was cute well it lasted.

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