Monday, March 16, 2009

Back to Blogging

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. I’d given up on it for many reasons…not the less of which, I really bad at it. My blog may be the most uninteresting blog in the history of blogging. But spring is in the air. The tulips are coming up in the yard and the birds are singing…it’s a time for new beginnings. So after 8 months I’ve decided to give it another try. Step one: delete the stupidest blog enters. Check! Step two: Give you an update on what’s been going on.

In the past eight months I’ve been very busy and had many significant changes in my life. Last June I meet Charley, who I’ve been dating ever since. He’s an amazing artist – Check out his work on his website. He lives in Helper, Utah, which is about 100 mile southeast of Salt Lake City…so I spend much of my time driving back and forth, through mountain passes and on winding roads. But it has been totally worth it.
Charley and his dog Ruby:

I’ve been to Portland 3 times since I last blogged -- Once for Karena’s wedding, once for the 4th annual Roselawn Carnival, and once, with Charley, to see the Oregon Ballet Theater perform Swan Lake (and to introduce him to Nicole and Karena). Here are some highlights:

Omi and I get ready for Karena's wedding:
Omi Carebears me:

I entered a pie baking contest at the Roselawn Carnival (mine is the one with blueberries on top). I didn't win:
Nicole and her sister, Lisa, anxiously await the judges decision in the pie contest. In the end Lisa won gold, Nicole won silver:

Deep fried pickles at the carnival:
Lunch at Flavor Spot. Waffle Sandwiches:

The PB&J was out of control:

Charley and I go to the Ballet:

Kao Soi (my favorite food ever) at
Pok Pok:

Since I last blogged I’ve moved…again. I’m now much closer to Westminster College, where I work. And I joined Facebook (which may be the main reason I haven’t been blogging). Here’s my page:

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