Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sex and the Salt Lake City

Last night was Ladies' Night Out. 10 of us got together to see Sex and the City (the movie) and decided to make a night of it. The evening started with dinner at the Paris, complete with fancy cocktails, appetizers, dessert and excellent service from cute waiters. The food was delicious and atmosphere was perfect. After dinner we went to the movie.

It was my second time seeing the movie, and I most say, it was still just as enjoyable. This movie is a must see for any Sex and the City fan.

I notice several couples in theater this time, which surprised me and leads me to this note....Ladies, this is NOT a date movie!! Leave your poor guy at home and go with your girlfriends. The whole point of the movie, and the show, for that matter, is female camaraderie, right? Its much more enjoyable when your with group of girlfriends, I promise.

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